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Get NHS prescriptions delivered FREE to your door.
Register today, it’s easy to do and will give you access to our friendly, knowledgeable staff and the medicines you need to keep you well, or to help you when you are not feeling your best.
This service allows you to order your NHS repeat prescription with ease. You request your medication online with your surgery or frodsham pharmacy can do this for you, then our pharmacy team will dispense and deliver your medication. We then remind you when it's time to reorder your medication so you don't run out.

In the majority of cases you don't need to be in for delivery. Size permitting we will post your prescription through your letterbox. This can be delivered to your home or alternative address (work/family/neighbour) as you decide.
Our pharmacist is always just a phone call or email away if you ever need help with managing your medication. We offer the NHS medicine use review service and new medicine service. Whether it's just simple tips to help you stay on top of your prescriptions or answering questions about side effects or other concerns you may have, we're always here for you.

Just contact us for more information by email at 
info@frodshampharmacy.co.uk or call us on 01928 620112 / 07483951473.

NHS “one off” or “acute” prescriptions

Frodsham pharmacy will also make sure you receive any “one off” prescriptions prescribed for you by your GP. These could anti-biotics or new medicines that your GP would like you to try before they are added to your regular repeat medication.
Frequently asked Questions
During the sign-up process you’ll be able to create an account, add your GP surgery and set a delivery address. You can then add the repeat prescription medication you need so that frodsham pharmacy can contact your GP on your behalf to start ordering your medication. Through the frodsham pharmacy repeat prescription service you can continue to benefit from reminders and delivery. For more information please click here.
Frodsham Pharmacy’s NHS repeat prescription service is free including FREE delivery. For more information please click here.

You will have to pay for your NHS prescription medicines, unless you are NHS exempt.
It’s best to place your request for your repeat prescription 5-10 days before you need your medication to arrive. This then allows time for your GP to authorise the prescription(s), our pharmacy team to dispense your medication and our delivery drivers or Royal Mail to deliver your prescription.

If we order your prescription for you we will send your prescription request to your GP. Once we’ve received your prescription, your medication will delivered as as soon as our team have dispensed the medication. This is usually within 1-2 days from us receiving your prescription.
The only medicine that will require a signature will be Controlled Drugs medicine.

For all other medicines you don’t need to be in to receive your delivery. Most medication that we send should fit through a standard size letterbox.

Larger medication packages that will not fit through your letterbox can be left in nominated safe place of your choice or we will arrange with you a suitable alternative time for delivery by our delivery drivers. If your medication is being delivered by Royal Mail, they will let you know how you can rearrange delivery or collection.
We use the NHS England Electronic Prescription Service to receive your prescription(s) electronically from your GP. Therefore, this service is not available in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands or Isle of Man.
Yes, this service is available if you have a repeat NHS prescription, if you’re NHS exempt, or if you have to pay for your prescription items.
The Electronic Prescription Service is an NHS service that allows your GP to electronically send your repeat prescription(s) directly to your chosen pharmacy. EPS also allows you to nominate frodsham pharmacy as your chosen pharmacy so there’s no need to visit another pharmacy or GP to collect a repeat prescription.
Repeat dispensing allows prescribers to issue a batch of prescription for a medication which needs to be taken by the patient regularly. This allows the pharmacy to dispense your prescription at regular intervals for the number of batch prescriptions provided by the prescriber. An NHS repeatable prescription needs to be dispensed for the first time within six months of being written and can then only be dispensed subsequently for up to a year from being written or until any expiry date specified by the prescriber, whichever is less.

The advantage for you as a patient is that you don’t have to request or visit your doctor every time your prescription medicine runs out. The pharmacy will keep a batch of prescription which can be posted to you at regular intervals. If there are any changes in your medication, you suffer any adverse effects or your condition is not sufficiently controlled by your medication, please speak to our pharmacist or contact your doctor.

Repeat dispensing can also be done now as an electronic prescription. The prescriber sends your repeat dispensing a prescription to your nominated pharmacy and they will be able to dispense in regular intervals just like from a paper prescription.

If you are on repeat dispensing and would like to transfer your batch prescription to frodsham pharmacy it is very easy and we can help you with this. Please speak to a member of staff to help with making this happen.
If you have unused/expired prescription medicines or medicines that you bought over the counter, we will accept them for disposal. This is a free service available to the public. It is not safe to put unwanted/expired medicine in domestic bins.

Any medicine you return to the pharmacy cannot be used by the pharmacy again. It’s therefore very important that you don’t stockpile medication at home and only request medication that you need. Stockpiling is also dangerous as there is a possibility of mixing your new medicines with your old ones and it is also a safety risk to children and others who might take them. Every year over £300 million of NHS money is wasted by unused prescription medicines.

Each year, large quantities of unused and expired medications are dumped into bins or flushed down toilets and sinks. The effects on the environment and human health are unclear but the evidence is pointing to the presence of chemicals from prescriptions and over-the-counter medications in the soil, drinking water and the surrounding environment. It is very important that you return unwanted medicines to a local pharmacy for safe disposal.

Speak to a member of staff if you have any questions about the disposal of unwanted medicines.
If the situation arises whereby you need an emergency supply or urgent supply of your medicines please give us a call on 01928 620122 or 07483 951473.

Our pharmacist will discuss with you how we can ensure you receive the medication you require.
01928 620 112 / 07483 951 473
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